7 Best Dog Foods For Diabetic Dogs

1. Introduction

Importance of dog food cannot be neglected while talking about their health issues. Dogs are family and their bad health affects everyone around the home. No one wants to see them or bear to watch them suffer from bad health. So, if your dog is going through an illness that is related to diabetes, this article is all about diabetic dogs’ food choices.

Why so much preference for food??? Because diabetic dogs are incurable, you can just control this issue by proper diet, exercise, or insulin injections.

Diet covers most of it. Because a diet based on high protein, moderate fats, and low carbohydrates can help sustain the health of your pooch.

Before Buying food for your dog get him checked by a good veterinarian. You will get to know the level of diabetes in your dog.

It is defining the importance of love and love can be given through indicating health issues in your dog and giving him proper dog food.
Dog’s Love

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2. Best Dog Foods For Diabetic Dogs

Following are the best dog foods:

Ketona Chicken Recipe Dog Food

Ketona chicken recipe dog food is a food formulated with a very low carbohydrate content. It only includes 5% digestible content of carbohydrates.


  • Ketona doesn’t include hidden ingredients.
  • It’s a grain-free food and based on what a diabetic pooch needs to eat.
  • Details and percentages of dietary are legitimate.
  • It increases muscle mass of a pooch.
  • It holds no bad smell which is popular in reviewers.
  • It gives relief from insulin purchase.


  • It is expensive.
  • May be too rich for some dogs and can cause diarrhea. It needs slow change in food from old to new one.
  • Very small size of the kibble.

ROYAL CANIN Glycobalance Dry Dog Food

Glycobalance is dry dog food formula. It consists of insoluble and soluble dietary fiber and fat content used in ut is of moderate level. The antioxidants used in it help your dog to keep good health and boost energy levels. It needs the dog’s vet prescription. 


  • It maintains healthy body weight.
  • It maintains blood sugar levels.
  • It provides good nutrition. 
  • It also reduces starch levels.


  • It is expensive.
  • Its new formula is more gassy and high in calories. 
  • It doesn’t list dietary percentages on the packaging.
  • It’s not good for dogs allergic to corn.
  • And also not best for dogs with grain sensitivities.

Hill’s Prescription Diet W/D

This food is formulated by veterinarians and nutritionists. It resolves weight issues and manages glucose. It is helpful in digestive issues. The urinary health can get better after using it. This food supports healthy digestion.


  • Helps in maintaining weight or avoiding weight gain.
  • It helps in maintaining lean muscles.
  • It has low fat and low calories.


  • It is an expensive option.
  • Low level of proteins.

Orijen Grain-Free Dog Food

Orijen grain-free dog food has an impressive amount of proteins. And it has low content of carbohydrates which is necessary while buying dog food specifically for diabetic one. It contains 38% protein and 20% carbohydrates.

It includes fresh meat and bones.


  • It includes prebiotics to support digestion.
  • And contains tons of protein.
  • Made with superfoods which gives healthy body.
  • Have low carbohydrates.


  • This is a pricey option.
  • Not great for dogs with food allergies.

Acana Appalachian Ranch

Acana Appalachian Ranch food is high in protein. It has 70% meat and 30% fruits. It has no added ingredients grains. It’s got a fair amount of glucosamine, no longer a need to add oils.


  • No history of product recall.
  • Biologically appropriate recipes.
  • Grain-free formulas.
  • Excellent ingredient transparency.


  • No wet food options.

Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food

This food is also rich in protein kind of food. It includes beef, salmon and lamb. And it contains 36% carbohydrates.


  • Grain-free food which cannot contain soy, corn or wheat.
  • Made with lots of real food like sweet potatoes or apples.


  • Dogs got diarrhea while on this diet.

Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Canned Food

This food is a protein-rich formula. And it has high kevel of minerals to support the metabolic functions of a body. It contains 50% protein and only 8 % carbohydrates.  It also contains prebiotics and prebiotics.


  • Low carbohydrates.
  • Busting proteins.
  • Dogs love its taste.
  • Maintains muscle mass.
  • Improves joint health and mobility.


  • Comparatively expensive.
  • Caution is required dus to grain-free food. Not good with food allergiec dogs.

3. Things to Consider Before Buying Dog Foods For Diabetic Dogs


The most important thing to avoid is giving a food sugar to your pooch. This will cause a raise in blood sugar level.

Always buy a food which has low sugar levels.

Never try to give your diabetic dog table scraps or treats, those have sugar in it. Avoid corn syrup, high glycemic foods, bread or white rice.


When buying dog food for diabetic dogs the important thing to consider is the fiber level in the diet. The fiber in food helps to slow down glucose absorption by increasing its amount. 

Fiber promotes weight loss.

But its irregular consumption can turn into dire consequences. It may create a lack of appetite or may cause gestural issues, diarrhea, and constipation. 

A gradual increase in new feed helps to sustain the dog’s health. While increasing fiber intake also increases the water intake of your pooch.


Proteins are necessary to look upon while selecting food for your diabetic dog. 

Choose a grain-free variety that has a large amount of protein. 

Avoid food that contains a high quantity of carbohydrates. 

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4. FAQs

How Is Diabetes in Dogs Treated?

Diabetics in dogs can be treated through multiple methods. Primary methods include diet changes and insulin. 

Insulin moves glucose from the bloodstream into cells. It requires an injection under the skin. Most of the dogs require a daily dosage and they require it, twice a day. Nothing to be afraid of, the amount of insulin is not large and the needles are tiny.

Another way around is diet therapy and consistency is the key while practicing it. Prescription diets are available for dogs with diabetes. This food contains high fiber, with appropriate protein, fat, and carbohydrates quantity. These maintain blood sugar levels.

Exercise is another option to maintain sugar levels.

And gene therapy may also reduce the required level of insulin.

What can I feed my diabetic dog?

According to the vet’s recommendations low-fat, high-fiber diet is ideal for dogs with diabetes. The fiber in food slows down the glucose entrance into the bloodstream. Make sure your dog drinks plenty of water because fiber takes water from the body. 

Prescribed food from a vet is the best solution or home diet which is developed by a veterinary nutritionist. 

Whatever you follow, for diabetic dogs, consistency is the key.

What Kind Of Diabetic Dog Food Is Best For Senior Pets?

When choosing food for your dog with diabetes, you have to be very conscious about food formulation. A portion of food with high fiber, low calories, and carbs is ideal, in addition to soluble and insoluble dietary.

5. Conclusion

For the dog owner, his pooch is his prime concern, and the pooch’s bad health can cause severe sadness for him.

Know your pooch’s health and give him food accordingly as diabetes is a disease that is incurable but can be controlled.

We tried to help you with your dog’s health and how to cope with issues.

Let us know if we are missing some points or explain things better.

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