How to create and configure VPS – 1 Mont Free VPS

How to Create and Configure Free VPS – Windows & Ubuntu

If you are planning to buy VPS or shifting from other type of hosting to Virtual Private Server (VPS) than you are on right place. However, learning how to set up a VPS can be a bit trickier, especially if you’ve never used cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) before.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through how to set up a VPS in few steps also you can get one-month Free VPS access by signing up below given link, This is cheap vps hosting and completely customizable.

Start your own VPS creation with this signup link –

Once you signup, your identity & payment method is approved than you will be eligible to create VPS server with one month free trial.

The services we are going to share today with you are tested by our team & we highly recommend to use this VPS Hosting for once as a trail which is free. Their dashboard and online system is user friendly, easy to use/customize/operate for beginners. If you go with this option please let us know with your feedback in the comment section.

Let’s Start:

Login to your account > at your left menu click on My Clouds > Create New Server or Create New Desktop.

After selecting to create a new server or desktop your will see the first option which is zone selection. You can select from given zones as per your requirements.

Virtual Private Server Zones
VPS Zones for Europe







After Zone selection you will have option to select the operating system & than you can select the version of operating system. You can select various operating systems e.g. (Centos VPS Server, Debian VPS Server, Ubuntu VPS Server & Windows VPS Server).

VPS Operating System
VPS Operating Systems


After selecting the operating system, you can choose version for the selected operating system e.g. for windows OS you can select window 8.1 or Windows 10.

Windows VPS
VPS Windows 10 and 8


You can also add application into your server as per your requirements e.g cPanel,  If you are going to create windows vps than you don’t have to choose any application.

VPS applications
Virtual Private Server Applications


Now you have to configure server specifications like CPU, RAM, SSD Storage space. Select the options as per your requirements and you will see the cost of the VPS along with your selection.

VIrtual Private Server Specs
VPS Server Specifications


You can also choose network type of virtual private server (Public and Private).

Now final step is to setup your Free VPS password and name. After setting up password you have to choose billing cycle which is Monthly & Hourly Basis
A good thing about this VPS Hosting is that you can choose and pay by usage, you can choose hourly basis billing and you will be charged by per hours usage.


Once every step is completed you can click on Create Server button to create your VPS. You will receive an email with Virtual Private Server details including login credentials.

Within few minutes your VPS Server will be ready to use by using login IP address and given password.

Now you can access your new VPS through your desktop PC/Laptop by using Remote Desktop Connection.

Remote Desktop for VPS


User your Free Virtual Private Server IP address & Password to connect with server. It will take few more minutes to setup your new server desktop and you are good to go with your new Virtual Private Server.

This is also very cheap Virtual Private Server hosting as compare to other hosting providers also completely customizable

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