How to Do Parenting? 11 Useful Parenting Tips

Every Parent wants their children to be up brought very well. Undoubtedly, Parenting is a great responsibility and it should be done in the best possible way. Raising children is one of the toughest tasks in the world. So, one cannot ignore the importance of parenting at all.

Modern Parents often want their children to be perfect but they do not put in enough effort to do so. No one can be perfect so does your child, but parents should still try their best to make their children a better version of themselves. For this purpose, parents usually search for child upbringing methods.

Popsugar Survey, in 2014, showed statistics among American people of women asking parenting tips. During the survey, 38.5 percent of female respondents said they do.

Here are some of the useful parenting tips that may help you as parents:

1. Boosting Your Child’s Self-Esteem

When your children are in the growing stage, there is an extreme need of making them independent and confident by boosting their self-esteem. This can be done by praising them even on the little things.

Focus more on their DO’s than on the DONT’s. This would give them the courage to try out new things and will also make them innovative. Letting children do the tasks themselves will give them a sense of independence that will gradually make them good decision-makers in life.

2. Do Not Compare Your Child Ever

This is the most important tip of parenting that you neither must nor compare your child with his or her siblings or even with anyone else. It will hurt your child that will impact his personality and will play a role in killing his creativity.

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There is nothing such thing as ‘’One-size-fits-all”.

Always teach your child to be confident in his dealings and be the original him rather than trying to be a copy of others. Teach your child that trying out new things may fail sometimes but it’s not that bad. The thing is he tried and that is what matters most.

3. Teach Them By Actions:

There lies a responsibility on the parents to make their children not only the best persons but also good citizens and it is only possible if they can induce positive attitude and sense of responsibility in them. Good parenting involves the upbringing of their child with a much positive attitude that would overflow from their child’s behaviour and it can happen if your child is watching his parents doing so.

Do not tell your child to follow you by words but by your actions. Children learn more by practical than by verbal teachings only.

A positive attitude is the reaction of your child to anything or in what way your child thinks about life. Always stay positive and optimistic in front of your children so they can also set a positive approach towards life.

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Never shout or act aggressively on your children or in front of them. It will have a negative impact on their personalities and they will never be able to live life optimistically.

Give respect to your child so you can also expect to be respected in return. Show it by your actions and by your words as well. It’s just like ‘’DO GOOD, HAVE GOOD.’’

4. Set Limits for Children

To spend a well-disciplined life, you have to teach your children to set some rules and limits in everyday life. Setting limits will not only make your children Well-Mannered but they will also learn self-control which is the most important part of a contended personality.

For Example, No TV until homework or No noise when guests are here; are the limits you have set for your children so that they can learn the decorum and discipline of life.

5. Negotiate With Your Children

Setting limits and import restrictions are vital for the well-being of your child but it is to be noted that negotiation is as much important as limitations. Always be flexible with your child so that he can also share his point of view with you. He must know that there will be flexibility in dealing with his parents. It will make him confident and will also prove helpful for him.

Do not forget that your child is also a Human being. He can also make mistakes just like you do so, being flexible in your rules and pattern of life is very important.

Negotiation is of prime importance for parents as well. Parents often set high expectations from their children and think that they will obey every word of them. This attitude sometimes may hurt the feeling of parents when children are in their teens especially.

Negotiate With Your Children
Negotiate With Your Children

A teenager may want some sort of independence and freedom that might not be given by his parents so he tries to get it by being rebellious and that is not what parents want or expect from him.

Hence, it is very important to negotiate with your children in dealing with them and try to understand them.

Another important parenting tip is that Parents should change their parenting style over time. They should think according to the time, age and generation in which their child is living right now. It will help to build a strong bond between parents and children.

6. Be Your Children’s Role Model

For any parents to consider themselves to be successful is to be the role model for their children. Parents must bring possible changes in their personality, temperament and attitude so that their children must idealize them as their role models and try to follow their parents as much as they can by their heart. Following their parents will be good in every aspect rather than following someone else. It can also prove dangerous sometimes.

7. Gift Them With Your Time:

The best gift that parents can give their children is their time. Modern parents often do not focus on spending quality time with their children. Working parents especially think that earning the luxuries for their children or providing them with material things is important but they forget to serve as responsible parents.

Gift Them With Your Time
Gift Them With Your Time

As Authors Siegel and Bryson, quoted in their book, The Whole-Brain Child,

‘’Instead of helping your child thrive, you spend most of the time just trying to survive.’’

Material goods only cannot make your children happy and satisfied. You must have to give them proper time. You should talk to them, listen to them and have fun with them (hanging out, spending vacations/holidays, etc.). Teach them to learn daily life dealings and solving issues in the best way. It will help them to feel your presence around them.

8. Communicate Properly With Your Children

As we know, communication is the key to successful relationships. You should communicate with your children from time to time. Spare time from your busy schedule and try to communicate daily even if there is nothing to talk about, try to discuss any random matter so that there would be no chance of a communication gap.

Communication should be open. The major reason for failed parenting is that parents do not provide their children with proper explanations. They only set restrictions on the children, of course for their well-being, but without logic.

Try to explain the situation with proper logical feed so that the children realize the fact and accept it, without any vague thoughts and misconceptions pondering in their minds.

9. Express Your Love For Your Children

Human Being is the species that demands the expression of love. Parents must express their love for their children in their actions. Show them that you love them the most. Love your children unconditionally.

To love your children unconditionally does not mean that you should not refrain from what is not good for them or to bear the unnecessary tantrums that might spoil them. Love them in a way that they know if there would be any mistake made from their side; even then, their parents would be there to help them step out of the mess.

Express Your Love For Your Children
 Express Your Love For Your Children

Give hugs and kisses; be gentle with them, practically as well as verbally, take care of them. Make them feel the best version of oxytocin released when you love your children.

10. Reflecting On Your Own Childhood

Every person has thought, at some point in his life, that he would follow some of the parenting techniques of his own parents and some methods will not be implemented on his children.

Parents must reflect on their own childhood. They should recall how they used to think at a certain age. How they used to feel at particular moments in their childhood. What should be done if they were in the place of their children? It would help understand their children well and create a strong association with their children.

11. Read Out Modern Parenting Tips

There are lots of material and information already gathered up for enhancing your parenting skills with the latest knowledge provided by the Scientists. It is better to adapt the things that are scientifically known and proved earlier.

Parenting is one of the most researched fields in Psychology. People often search for parenting tips for infants and toddlers, modern parenting methods, how to do parenting, etc.

According to Diathesis Stress Model,

People who are more vulnerable to Psychological Disorders often get more chances to suffer from them when they experience stress.


Parenting is an essential part of your life and it needs your utmost attention. Often parents are unaware of how to bring up their children in a good manner. By following the tips described in the post, you can learn to deal with your child. Everything becomes easier when you have a guideline and a proper plan for it.

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