10 Keys to Maintain a Healthy Relationship

Love is the purest form of feeling that one can have and is the base of a relationship, but a relationship is made up of several other factors that require enough effort to hold it up. A successful and healthy relationship is the one that maintains its credibility forever.

Here are 10 most important keys to sustain a healthy relationship:

1. Trust Your Partner:

Trust is the foundation of a relationship. Without trust, your relationship is worthless and you are just wasting each other’s time. The amount of trust one can have in his partner depends on person to person. Some people trust blindly while others lie somewhere in between. Sharing your dreams, desires, strengths, weaknesses, etc. with your partner brings a feeling of credibility to your partner and helps to make your relationship strong.

Trust Your Partner
Trust Your Partner

2. Communicate In Every Situation:

Communication is the key to a successful relationship. Try to communicate on daily basis and about every topic. Communicate even if you have nothing to talk about, share minute details of your day to avoid the communication gap. You should be straightforward in your relationship. Being straightforward means you should convey your wishes and needs to your partner. Tell them what you want rather than waiting for them to read your mind. Share your insecurities rather than hiding them. Communication is thus vital to avoid misunderstandings between the couple. Good communication also involves active listening. You do not have to be dominant all the time. Listen to your partner attentively and show your interest in it.

According to a survey, 147 couples of all the couples reaching out for marital therapy were there because of a lack of communication and emotional attachment between them.


3. Be Honest and Fair:

Being honest and fair to your partner saves you from many bad consequences. Speak out to your partner whatever it may be. The truth might hurt them for some time but it will be beneficial for both of you to stand on the clear side rather than having vague assumptions in your partner’s mind. Give an equal status to your loved one. Try to understand them and let them have their necessary space and freedom. Every person wants fair behavior from his/her partner but a few of them tend to give it too.

4. Spend Quality Time Together:

Spare one or two days once a week from your busy schedule and spend it with your partner in a good way. Try out new things together like cooking a new dish, watching the latest movie, trying out a new restaurant, etc. Have fun and be playful, play board games and tease each other. Spend some time alone and talk about anything you want. Do everything with your partner that makes both of you happy. Look at and listen to each other just like you used to do when you were dating in the beginning. It will rewind all the beautiful memories of your relationship.

Spend Quality Time Together
Spend Quality Time Together

5. Express Your Love:

Human is a social animal and he loves to be pampered. Another important key to a healthy relationship is to express your love for your partner. It can be verbally i.e. by words and statements ( I love you) especially in the case of long-distance relationships but actions speak louder than words so you are supposed to show love to your partner by giving hugs and kisses, a pleasant touch when seated together, etc.

Express Your Love
Express Your Love

Physical intimacy is as much important as the other factors in a relationship. Expressing love to your partner will make them release a hormone called ‘oxytocin’ which is a love hormone secreted in the response to any stimulant related to love. It will be healthy for both of the partners to share a quality time of physical intimacy and a better sex life.


6. Be The One to Step First:

If you are the one who initiates something then you are saving your relationship from getting bored and sometimes even from things falling apart. Be the one to apologize first. There is no space for ego and hatred in a healthy relationship, so if you want to maintain it you have to put some effort into it as well. Apologize, say ”sorry” no matter who the fault was. Your relationship matters the most and not the conflicts. Be the one to give your partners sudden surprises such as unexpected vacation trips, adventures, gifts, etc. that make them feel special.

Be The One to Step First
Be The One to Step First

7. Be Flexible:

Be flexible and understanding towards your partner. Adjust with the necessary changes and accept things rather than making a big deal of them. You should accept that your partner’s priorities can be changed over time so you too have to understand them and show flexibility. Always follow the golden rule of ”Accept and Appreciate”. Accept all the flaws of your partner and appreciate their strengths and efforts. Compromise on every possible thing that can be compromised. Compromise is necessary from both ends and it will make your relationship a non-typical one.

8. Be There to Support In Tough Time:

A successful relationship is when you stand by each other in all the thick and thin. Your partner needs your support when he or she is feeling alone and depressed. The stress can be due to anything like losing a close person or getting fired from the job etc. You should him/her financially as well as emotionally. It will make them able to fight against the ugly situations and return to the contended days.

Be There to Support In Tough Time:
Be Their to Support In Tough Time

9. Respect Each Other’s Opinion:

Every person has his own standpoint regarding everything so it is absurd to expect your partner to think and act like you. There can be disagreements between the couple on certain aspects but the wise partners take these disagreements as constructive and respect each other’s point of view. Tell your partner that you disagree with them at a certain point but in a friendly and respectful manner so that he or she would not feel worthless in front of you.

10. Never take your Relationship For Granted:

Show gratitude towards your partner and make them realize that you are thankful for having them in your life. Appreciate their small efforts and love them unconditionally. Show them and everyone else that you are proud to have them and would certainly be not the same person if they not exist in your life.

Never take your Relationship For Granted
Never take your Relationship For Granted


Every relationship demands efforts to put in and there will be no way if you neglect all these vital ingredients to make your love life evergreen. If you want to be loved, you have to love first, it is just like ” Do good and have good”. Certain factors like trust, honesty, quality time, flexibility, etc make your relationship healthy and long-lasting.

From 2015-2019, The divorce rate in Italy increased tremendously. The results of a survey in Italy showed that there were approximately 1.8 million people who got divorced in 2019 out of which over 1 million were women and 717 thousand were men.

Source: Statista

Divorced Rate Italy (2010-2019)
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