Motivation: 17 Effective Tips to Stay Motivated

What Does Motivation Mean?

The word Motivation came from a Latin word meaning” to move”. Motivation is the key to any dream being fulfilled. It is the driving force to achieve your goals and makes things happen. It is the agreement you made to yourself to do something you really want to accomplish.

Importance of Motivation:

You find a task difficult to be done sometimes and you give up on it just because of a lack of motivation. Motivation is important to achieve your goals and desires. For Example, the goal can be really big such as becoming the President of a country and it can be small as well like getting the first position in the class. Further examples include motivation for study, workout, losing weight, every day, at work, etc.

Types of Motivation:

Motivation can be Bipolar:

  • Positive Motivation:

Positive motivation is when you do something that you want to do rather than doing something because of any necessity. It is also called intrinsic motivation i.e. it comes within you. For Example, motivation for getting a job to earn a handsome living.

  • Negative Motivation:

Negative motivation can be defined as the motivation due to fear of something. It is also known as extrinsic motivation because it is due to some external factor that compels you to do that particular task. For Example, finding a job because you may think, if you would not, you would die of hunger.

According to psychology, Positive motivation plays a better role in healthily achieving a goal whereas negative motivation, sometimes, can be an inhibitor to get your goal done.

According to the psychological theory of Motivation, people pay more attention to extrinsic motivation (avoid certain conditions) than intrinsic motivation ( learn and create new things).

Here are 17 Tips to Stay Motivated:

1. Set A Goal:

You always have to take an initial step to get something in life. If you want to achieve your goal, you have to set it up first. Setting your goal and planning it with a good strategy helps you to achieve it early and with less difficulty.

Set a Goal
Set a Goal

According to a survey in France, 53% of people stay motivated to eat healthy food items while 50% still continued having local products during the lockdown.

Source: Statista

2. Your Goal Should be of Your Interest:

It is human nature that he does things better that are of his interest rather than doing something because of any other reason. It will not only help you achieve your goal but you will be satisfied while doing efforts for it.

3. One Goal At A Time:

You should set one goal at a time to focus more precisely. People who indulge themselves in several tasks at the same time may get confused doing nothing in real.

4. Break Your Goal into Small Chunks:

Breaking your goal into smaller tasks helps you to concentrate well. Little efforts also make you happier. It also boosts your energy level and motivates you to achieve your main big goal.

Break Your Goal into Small Chunks
Break Your Goal into Small Chunks

5. Give Yourself Deadlines:

Set a time frame for your goal and try to follow it strictly. All the influencing personalities in history followed the rule of giving value to time and accomplish their goal in that specified time.

Give Yourself Deadlines
Give Yourself Deadlines

6. Make your Word Public:

After setting a goal, tell it to your family, friends, and others to make your words credible. It will make you realize that you are accountable for your statement. It will feel like you have made a promise and you have to follow it now and prove to everyone that you are a man of your word.

7. Follow an Optimistic Approach:

A positive attitude is a key to success. If you want to achieve anything in life whether it is a big one or not, what you have to do is to stay calm, be consistent, and have a positive reflection of everything. Try to follow the ‘Can’ Rule rather than Cannot.

8. Visualize Yourself Getting the Goal Done:

Visualization helps you to develop an image of your success in your mind. It will release hormones that will give you pleasure and you will feel optimistic about your success.

9. Find A Support Group:

Ask your family, friends, or colleagues to motivate you. Appreciation helps a lot in encouraging and raising your motivation. Find a mentor who has gone through the same and will help you to set your direction when you tend to fall apart.

Find A Support Group
Provide Support

10. Spare Time For Self-Talk:

Spare some time from your busy routine for yourself. Make a schedule and follow it. Do Yoga, meditation, exercise, or anything that makes you feel happy and satisfied. Sit alone and talk with yourself. It will improve the function of your brain and provide energy. Doing such things will help people to get out of depression and anxiety issues. These also improve your ability to focus on the desired thing than being messed up in your obsessions and compulsions that lowers your concentration level.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD

Spare Time For Self-Talk
Spare Time For Self-Talk

11. Do the Same Task with Creativity:

Find out new ways to perform the same task that you are doing several times. It will enhance your skills of innovation and creativity. You will also enjoy doing the task and it will turn into fun for you.

12. Evaluate Your Plan From Time to Time:

Evaluate yourself and your plan before going to bed. Assess your strengths and weaknesses. Figure out what factor is making your plan fall apart. Analyze that if your plan of achieving your desired goal is working well or not.

13. Stay Away From Procrastination:

Procrastination is delaying a task by giving excuses to yourself. Do not procrastinate if you want to get your goal. Procrastination not only wastes your time but lowers your motivation and energy level as well. Give yourself the reasons to do that task rather than making possible excuses to satisfy yourself with them.

14. Avoid Distractions:

Avoid distractions and disruptions as much as you can. Distraction can anything to any person. For example, if you want to study for your exam, your mobile phone can be your distraction. So, try to keep yourself away from all these interruptions that may act as hindrances in your way to achieve your goal.

Avoid Distractions
Avoid Distractions

15. Think What Actually Matters:

Whenever you feel low and you want to quit your goal, think about what stimulated you to start it, what was the reason behind all that effort? and if your quitting the goal may affect the people around you. It will keep you motivated and consistent.

16. Listen to Motivational Speakers:

Listen to your favorite motivational speakers in order to get your energy back in your low days. Read quotes of great personalities who proved that nothing is impossible. Find and plan ways to get closer to your goal with every passing minute.

17. Reward Yourself:

Give yourself rewards after completing small tasks. For example, if you planned to learn a chapter of your textbook in 1 hour and you did it at the right time, gift chocolate to yourself to boost your energy level and keep you motivated to learn the other chapters too in the specified time. Give honor to yourself when you achieve something that you wanted to do and made efforts for.

Reward Yourself:
Reward Yourself:


Motivation is the incentive that pushes you all the time to achieve your goal. It is very important because it stimulates you to achieve your goal and do labor for it. Motivation can be positive as well as negative but if you want to make your dream come true, you must carve ways to make it happen. Set your direction and decide your orientation, work for it hard, prove to yourself and everyone else that you are worth it.

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