Think Critically: 10 Useful Ways to Help Your Kids

Think critically - Help your kid to think critical

How to help your kids to Think Critically In this age of technological advancement, the alarming thing is not that your kid is lacking in knowing something, rather it is the accession of information that is daunting for most parents. This century’s biggest challenge is this overdosing of information on a daily basis and to … Read more

How to Help Your Child to Get and Stay organized

stay organized

Staying organized is not an inborn skill rather it is learned over time. Many children are initially disorganized, less focused, fall to chaos and failures so it is extremely important to help your child learn to stay organized. Here are few tips that can help you in your mission: Prefer Breaking Tasks into Small Chunks … Read more

How Project-Based Learning Helps Kids Solving Real-World Problems?

real-world problems

Project-Based Learning Project-based learning is a methodology used to solve real-world problems by an investigation over an extended period of time. In Project-based learning, kids learn by doing and performing practical work. Real-Word Problems Real-world problems are the issues that are experienced and dealt with by the people in the world. These are the complex … Read more

Hagia Sophia Mesuem or Mosque | History Explained

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia Mesuem or Hagia Sophia Mosque   Turkey’s President Erdogan formally announced the conversion of museum into a Hagia Sophia mosque on Friday. The high court called the decision of 1934 an unlawful decision. Turkey’s scholar Nicholas Danforth said that: “ Its conversion into mosque is an all too appropriate symbol for the rise … Read more

Tri Services Integration in the Field of Logistics

Tri Services Integration in the Field of Logistics The merely impediment towards accomplishing true jointmanship is merely attitude ; combined with a sense of insecurity; whereby the services fear that their single individuality and functional liberty will be compromised, because a peculiar service, will merely dominate the other two services. — Giulio Douhet, Italian General … Read more