22 Interesting Things to Do With Friends

Friends are an important part of life and your life will be boring if you do not have any friends. If you are happy or sad, whatever the condition may be, friends are the creatures who cheer you up and help you forget all the happening around you. True friends are an asset and we should keep them stay in our lives to make them worth living. According to a survey by IPSOS in 2019 on the topic of the global level of happiness, 23% of Koreans responded that their friends were or are the source of ultimate happiness for them.

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1063510/south-korea-friends-as-a-source-of-happiness/

Friendship is not a big thing– its a million little things


Here are some interesting things to do with friends:

1. Go Shopping Together

Go shopping with your friends and try new clothes, shoes, things together. Shopping with your friends is helpful because you can get opinion to chose about two shirts or selecting a colour. You can also enjoy window shopping along with your friends without buying anything.

Go shopping together

2. Treasure Hunt

Play treasure hunt with your friends. Treasure hunt is one of the most interesting things to do with friends. It involves searching for hidden objects by following clues. Treasure hunt is fun because it involves all of your senses and makes you attentive.

3. Rewinding the Memories

Sit at a peaceful place with your friends and rewind all the memories that you have made together in the past years. It is always a pleasure to remember the old days. As it is said:

Nostalgia is a file that removes rough edges from the good old days.

Doug Larson

Remember the days when you used to go to school. The days when one of your friends was in a tough time but you all cheer him up by doing silly things. Remember the time when you had unexpected plans and so on.

Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.


4. Have Fun at a Water Park

Gather your friends and head towards a water park to enjoy the summertime with your friends. It is one of the great things to do with friends. Wear your swimming suits and jump into the water to have an absolutely refreshing time with your friends.

Have Fun at a Water Park
Have Fun at a Water Park

5. Adventures

Go on adventures with your friends. For example try canoe camping, a scavenger hunt, a road trip to a national park, camping in a forest, etc. Adventures seem much better when done with friends.

6. Stalk People on Social Media

Do not hesitate to stalk people on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Do it with a friend and enjoy and exchange your thoughts. Stalking your Ex with a friend is even more fun if done with a friend.

7. Road Trip

One of the most enjoyable things to do with friends is to go on a road trip with them. If you or anyone of your friends have a car, you can have a road trip to anywhere you can also rent a car to make your day memorable.

Road Trip Van

8. Be a Child Again

Call your friends and go to a fun land together. Take rides there such roller coaster and enjoy the moments in the fullest way. Capture pictures on the rides to make the moments memorable and unforgettable.

9. Try Other Country Foods

Trying the foods and taste of any other country is one of the things to do with friends. It makes you know about the culture and taste of different regions. Try it with your friends and give a review after that.

10. Spa Day

The next interesting thing on the list of things to do with friends is to arrange a spa day. You can simply go to a spa salon with your friends and have a soothing massage there or otherwise you can also arrange a spa day with your friends at your home. Spa day at home can be more fun because it allows you and your friends to be silly, d each other’s massage and be weird. It also improves your skin as it is a skincare day.

Go for Spa

11. Play Board Games

Playing board games with your friends is always fun because it not only allows you to spend quality time together but also makes the moments memorable. You can play board games such as Ludo, chess or you can also play cards. Decide a penalty for the one who would get failed. It will be fun.

12. Costume Party

Organize a costume party at a friend’s home and wear unique, interesting costumes to have fun. For example, wear a costume of a queen, a witch, or any famous character of a play.

13. Sleep Over

Another thing to do with your friends is to have a sleep-over party with your girls. You can also have a pajama party wearing pajamas and enjoying yourself a lot. A sleepover is a type of get-together in which all your friends gather at your place, have dinner, watch a movie, do fun and sleep together.

14. Watch Sunrise/Sunset Together

Things to do with your friends include planning to watch the sunrise or sunset once in your life. Wake up before the sun sets and pick your friend. Go to a peaceful place where you can experience the dawn and dusk to have memory in your good book.

Watch sunrise and sunset with friends
Sunrise and Sunset with Friends

15. Comedy Club

One of the funniest things to do with friends is to visit a comedy club near you. Make a plan and visit the club to enjoy the standup comedy of different comedians there. Laugh the hardest and make memories. You or your friends can also do standup comedy sessions there if you have the talent to do so.

16. Write Letters

Write letters to your friends. It may seem weird but it will extremely fun when you and your friends will be reading the letter at a later age. You people will laugh together remembering the old days.

17. Movie Day

Spare a day from your busy schedule and watch a movie with your friends. You can watch seasons on Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Make coffee and snacks and enjoy your movie day together.

Movie day with friends

18. Try New Festivals

Try new and weird festivals around the world with your friends such as Kanamara Masturi Festival, Cheung Bun Festival, Mud Festival, etc. These festivals will not only make you understand the culture of that region but you will enjoy it the most with the company of your friends.

19. Prank Calls

One of the best interesting things to do with friends is doing prank calls with them to either other friends or some random people. These moments give you the chance to laugh with your friends as much as you can because you will definitely be going to miss this time a lot.

A visit down the memory lane helps you relive the golden days.

Aarti Khera

20. Draw Sketches

One of the things to do with friends is to draw sketches of each other. If you are a good artist then your friends will be glad to have his beautiful sketch but if you are not, you both will die laughing hard watching the silly sketches of each other.

21. Be Each Other’s Helping Hand

Another idea for things to do with friends is to have a ‘Organize day’. Select a day for cleaning, decorating, or organizing the house of one friend in a month and similarly for the rest of the others. For this, you can also read the post on Stay Organized

22. Cycling

The 22nd interesting idea on the list of things to do with friends is to go on cycling together. Bet with each other and see who wins the race first. This will be fun as some of you will be fast enough to reach the goal while some will fall in the middle providing you with the chance to laugh together.

GO for cycling with friends


Friends are a gift of God and we should always find ways for things to do with friends. All of the things mentioned above as the things to do with friends are great ideas for enjoying yourself with your friends and making precious memories but you can do other things also such hiking, a day on the beach, visit historic places, do some charity work, diving, arrange a bonfire, be on a concert together, give a surprise, gym together, etc. Make a list of these things to do with friends and place a tick in front of each when done one by one.

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Tehseen Fatima Rana
Tehseen Fatima Rana
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It’s so exciting..