Think Critically: 10 Useful Ways to Help Your Kids

How to help your kids to Think Critically

In this age of technological advancement, the alarming thing is not that your kid is lacking in knowing something, rather it is the accession of information that is daunting for most parents. This century’s biggest challenge is this overdosing of information on a daily basis and to help your kid you can make him able to unlearn and relearn things, which he learned from his environment. Through filtering, he could make decisions that are unbiased and rational in their nature.

Critical Thinking - how does it work
Critical Thinking – how does it work

Why is it important to think critically?

So for this purpose, the very helpful tool is none other than to make your kid think critically, you are successful in making him capable of problem-solving more accurately. As we know, thinking critically is basically a problem-solving skill, by making your kid capable of this particular skill, you are not just doing a great job regarding his further studies but you are making him a more stable & organized person in his day to day life.

Critical Thinking - Quote About thinking
Critical Thinking – Quote About thinking

“Whenever a child learns critical thinking, somewhere a conspiracy theory dies.”

Critical thinking can help your child in proposing solutions for simple and complex problems through analogy making by comparing different situations, the formation of hypotheses by making possible predictions, and at least suggesting the most suitable alternatives.


How to be a role model?

In doing this process a person responsible for making a kid think critically should possess these characteristics, as we know children learn by example not by words solely. So, be a role model:

Be Clear

To make your kid think critically the first and foremost important thing is to give him information that is comprehensible and simple. You can say that you should give him a piece of information which is unlocked of tough ideas and unnecessary exaggeration.

Be Accurate

Another effort you can make him think critically is to discuss matters to talk to him in concise and exact words. Your language should be correct and error-free. Talk with your kid right on target about anything.

Be Relevant

While helping your kid consider this very important point at every stage, just stay closely connected to what you say and appropriate to what your kid is perceiving, this will help him to think critically.

Be Logical

The most important point related to any matter is to remain rational and objective. This will help you and also your kid. Teach him to learn things in a way that is straight and reasonable. This will increase your kid’s analytical skills.

Be Fair

Finally, the most artistic feature is to make yourself and your kid both into thinking fairly which means think out of the box. Think free of social construct which is bound to making you less of any other side. Unbiased thinking makes you able to treat people equally without favoritism. And make your kid deal with people without any discrimination.

Critical Thinking - Standout - Role model
Critical Thinking – Standout – Role model

10 Useful Ways to Help Your Kid

Now if we go further, following are the steps to learn to help your kids.

1. Ask open-ended questions

While spending time together, ask your kid questions that are open to discussion. Don’t comprehend the answer for him or her. Let her make multiple guesses then ask different questions about analogies.

2. Provide playing opportunities and group learning

By providing multiple group activities for their age group fellows, you can make them learn in a more joyful and pleasant environment which will be more helpful in increasing curiosity and to think on multiple dimensions.

3. Encourage to open up

Encourage your kids to speak freely, they should feel appreciated for speaking about new or different ideas. Don’t neglect the idea as a whole at once, rather appreciate it in the first place for at least speaking it with confidence then suggest other alternatives. This will boost their confidence for further learning.

4. Enhance your own as well as your kid’s reading skills

Reading is the most helpful tool to gain knowledge and information for people of different age groups. This is the most essential element in making one’s direction on a certain matter. For making your kid think critically, it is not only necessary for him to read a lot, it must be your obligation too. So that it cannot only make you able to talk to your kid with utmost accuracy but also contribute to your personal growth.

5. Help him connecting dots, by doing less interference

Instead of giving your own open with rigid arguments, let him think on his own. Let him decide to choose sides, and compare situations. Let him decide what is right and what is wrong. Let him decide which is his most preferable choice between multiple choices. It will help him learn better.

6. Discuss Analogies

By this method, you can make your kid think in a relational way, which can help him make a relation or compare two or more things or results. And this will increase his ability to think critically and make better decisions.

7. Clarifying cause and effect

Ask about the specific problem from your kid and make him think about the causes of the problem and discuss its effects on that particular situation. Then ask for making suitable solutions that will help him thinking in a problem-solving manner.

8. Talk about implications of ideas

Now, this is the most important phase, talk about implications when a child attempt to choose a certain or particular solution. Talk about the good and the bad outcome of his idea. And then leave it to him, to choose his preferences on a subject matter.

9. Be a good listener and encourage him of being one

Always be a good listener, listen to him when he speaks, and also taught him to stay silent when another person is giving or presenting his idea. This will make him think better and understand better.

10. Embrace pedantry or excessive questioning

Don’t get overwhelmed by multiple questions, just stay calm, as he is learning, he doesn’t know most of the things. So by giving him a chance to speak and ask multiple times you are encouraging him to brainstorm more and add more to his knowledge. It will make him think faster and think in different directions.


Now we all know that raising a kid is not an easy job, but if you decided to do it so, make it worth likable. And by making your kid think critically, you can do better work on your part. This will be an amazing contribution to this world. A kid capable to think critically can be a great, passionate, sensitive, and responsible addition to this society. Good luck!

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Tehseen Fatima Rana
Tehseen Fatima Rana
3 years ago

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