How to Save Money? 20 Helpful Money-Saving Tips

Saving money is important as it provides a safe side in case of any sudden mishap and it is also necessary if you want to achieve certain goals in your life. Saving money sometimes appears difficult to some people and they just find ways of how to save money to get started.

Here are some of the useful tips to save your money from wastage:

1. Track Your Expenses

Check your spending habits and track your expenses. Check where your money is being spent? Create categories of everything such as grocery, bills, and other expenses. See where your money is going. Tracking your money is the best way to how to save money.

Money-saving tips - Track your expenses
Money-saving tips – Track your expenses

2. Set goals

You cannot achieve anything if you do not have any goal. Set a goal for which you are saving your money. The goals can be short-term or long-term. The short-term goal includes temporary goals such as a trip to somewhere, down-payment for a car, gifting somebody a cell phone while long-term goals include down-payment for your house, education expenses of your children, retirement plan, etc. Now calculate that how much money do you want to achieve that particular goal and then do efforts for it.

To Motivate yourself for setting goals, read out

3. Set Priorities

How to save money becomes easier when you work with a plan. Set priorities in your life. Prioritize that what things come first for which you want to save money. For example, if you want to save money for a cell phone and also for buying a house, you should prioritize that what is more important to you and then save accordingly.

4. Cancel the Subscriptions

Cancel all the unnecessary subscriptions and memberships such as for that of Netflix, Amazon Prime, subscription boxes, etc. (if not in use). If you are not interested in these subscriptions, share them with your family and friends to save money. Do not forget to off the auto-renew policy of these subscriptions.

Money-saving tips - Cancel Netflix

5. Saving Account

Go for a saving account when it comes to having an account in the bank. The saving account is much beneficial because it detects less money from your account than other accounts and helps you to save money. You can also switch to a saving account anytime from another account and transfer your money safely.

6. In Case of a Bonus

If you often get a bonus from your office then how to save money is not a problem. If you get a bonus, a lottery, or a tax fund then utilize it wisely and save the rest to achieve your goal for what you are saving from long.

7. Electric Appliances

Consume electricity wisely in your home. It not only save your money from bills but it is also necessary to avoid the wastage of electricity. Switch the lights, fans, air conditioner, etc. when not in use. Use electric appliances less such as iron and washing machine and do not forget them to switch off after use.

8. Home-made Lunch

Prepare lunch for yourself at home and take it to the office or university (if you are a student). It will cut out your budget and you will not need to spend money on the lunch in your office, institute, etc. Similarly, make coffee at home and take it with yourself anywhere you want. Plan your meals and make a list of them at the very beginning of the month.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics$3459 are spent by a household on food outside the house, on average.


9. Ask for Discounts

If you go somewhere on shopping or travel, ask for discounts, deals and offers first. There might be a discount that would go wasted if you do not ask for it. You may miss that opportunity to have a discount and save your money.

Money-saving tips - Ask for discounts

10. Phone Billing System

Unsubscribe the useless offers at your mobile network. Use fewer data and less credit to avoid wasting your money. This an effective tip for how to save money. Use a landline phone instead of your mobile for avoiding a big amount of money being wasted on phone bills.

11. Use Public Library

Instead of spending a lot of money on buying expensive books, you can fulfill your appetite for reading books by using any public library. You can issue books from a library by your name and return them within specified days after use.

12. Say No to Foreign Vacations

People often plan a yearly trip to any foreign country to spend their vacations in a nice way. The idea is quite good if you have enough money to do so but if you are planning how to save money then you should arrange a trip to any other city or place in your country to avoid that extra expenses.

Money-saving tips - say no to foreign vacation

13. Sell Your Things

Feel no shame to sell the things that are out of use for you now. For example, your wooden cupboard that is standing useless now, your old jewelry, your machine that you use less very rare, etc. It is a good way to earn money and a way to how to save money effectively.

14. Go Out to Eat Once a Month

Leave your habit of going out to have lunch or dinner. It costs much and you may go out of your budget regretting later on. Remind yourself that you have to save your money for a purpose that cannot be accomplished if you are going to waste your money in hotels and restaurants. Instead, prepare a good and healthy meal for you at your home for less money.

15. Less Visits to Doctors

People often pay a visit to their dentist or physician for regular checkups such as for dental fillings. You can avoid spending money on such things by taking precautionary measures. It will not only save your money but also your health and time.

16. Cut Down Groceries

Try to utilize everything in your kitchen before going to the grocery. Do not go often to get the grocery and when finally you have to do the grocery, shop less. Buy the things that are important to you and buy in less quantity/amount to have a fine way towards how to save money.

Money-saving tips - cut down groceries

17. Check Your Progress

Another effective tip for how to save money is to check your progress of savings every month. Keep a record of your expenses and check if there is an obvious balance between your income and expenditure. It will help you to remain constant with your goal and you will be able to finally achieve it.

18. Peer Pressure

Often you spend your money on eating outside the home and unnecessary shopping because of your friends. You have a constant pressure of your friends that ”what they might think of you”. Avoid such friends and parties especially if you are a teenager or a student and finding ways to how to save money.

19. Do Your Chores Yourself

People often waste their salary by giving money to other people for doing their work. Try to manage your household chores such as cleaning, dishing, and cooking yourself. It is a great tip if you are searching for how to save money because it saves your money and makes you active as well.

20. Update Your Budget

Update your budget every 12 months keeping in mind the current rates in your country. Updating your budget also helps in case of sudden expenses such as losing your job, having a baby etc.

Money-saving tips - update you budget


The answer to the question ”how to save money” can be found by trying various tips that are discussed in the post. Saving money is important in any age group but especially at your young age because it is the time when you will be establishing yourself financially. The tips mentioned above for how to save money can be applied by everyone i.e. teenagers, adults and elders.

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