10 Genuine Signs of Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

Relationships are a beautiful aspect of society. It is the base on which the building of our society stands but it is extremely important to know whether your relationship is healthy or unhealthy. To evaluate your relationship, here are 10 important signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships.

10 Signs of Healthy Relationships:

Healthy relationships are important not only for living a happy life but also give a peace of mind that has no other alternative source. By following these 10 signs, find out whether your relationship is healthy or not.

1. Trust

A relationship is a game of trust. If you get out of it, you will be disqualified. Trust is the most important element for a healthy and long-lasting relationship. If your relationship is lacking trust then probably it will not be going to last anymore. People having healthy relationships trust each other in every aspect of life that makes their lives beautiful and worth living.

2. Respect

Respect is also a primary component for a healthy ongoing relationship. Respect is not just behaving in a respectful way but it is to accept and respect the opinions and point of views of your partner. If your partner disagrees with you in any situation, you should try to understand that not every person is the same and it is stupid to expect everyone to think just like you do. So, it is natural to have contradictions but couples who respect each other do not bother these issues much.

3. Honesty

Honesty is the best policy.

Benjamin Franklin

Honesty is necessary in every single dealing in the World. Relationship demands honesty and it is obligatory for you being a partner to deal with your spouse with utmost honesty. It is an obvious determinant of healthy relationships because the unhealthy relationships die due to lack of it. Be honest with your partner and they will give you their 100%.

4. Communication

For a healthy relationship, communication is the key. Unlike unhealthy relationships, couples who avoid communication gaps and try to communicate in every possible situation are the ones who make their relationship healthy and long-lasting. People often quit talking with each other when they have a fight or any conflict but it is not a solution rather it makes the condition even worse. Spare time from your busy work schedule and spend it with your partner for better understanding.

According to a survey in U.S., only 19% workers said that their work routine never affected their family and relationship.

unhealthy relationships

Source: Statista

5. Compromises and Cooperation

Sacrifices and compromises make a relationship beautiful. Small sacrifices for your partner make them realize that they have significant worth in your life. Solve your problems together. Kindness is a two-way process so be kind to your partner if you want to get back the same. Cooperating with your partner is a gesture that how much you care about them. Be their support and make them feel safe when they are around you.

6. Inspiration

Your life becomes the ideal one when your ultimate inspiration is your life partner. When your partner is your role model, you will get inspiration from him/her in even the little things that really do not matter sometimes. But to be the inspiration for them, one should be a good person first.

7. Comfort

Unlike unhealthy relationships, the healthy ones experience a comfort zone when they are around their partner. A partner with whom you feel comfortable and with whom you are the original version of yourself is such a blessing. You can do candid things in front of them like talking nonsense, singing the wrong lyrics, and do weird things when you know there is a good level of understanding and friendship with your partner.

Happy Couple

8. Equality

A healthy relationship demands equal status and equal rights. You should give your partner a sense of equality in everything. For example, there is no obligation for the wife to cook a meal after getting from work. The husband can also do the same for his wife to make her realize that he treats her equally. So, both of you have to put effort into a healthy and successful relationship. Control your anger but healthy conflict is okay when you fight fairly. The right person will give you a real sense of independence.

9. Responsibility

In a healthy relationship, the other person would take responsibility for his own words and would be accountable for all his deeds. He would know to own things and would never blame you for any of his matters. He will be honest with you and take all his responsibilities in a good way.

10. Healthy Intimate Relationship

Physical intimacy is a need of a relationship and without it, the relationship will die out. A healthy physical relationship involves gestures of love and sexual intimacy with the consent of the partner.

Health intimate relationship
Healthy Intimate Relationship

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10 Signs of Unhealthy Relationships:

In this world of variations, not everyone is facing the same conditions of life. Some people are living happy couple goals but still, there are some with ugly unhealthy relationships. It is important to find out early that whether your relationship working well or not and you must not ignore them to avoid any worse consequences later on. Here are 10 signs of unhealthy relationships.

1. Dominancy

Jealousy is a natural feeling and is somehow normal but some people get to the extreme of it and ruin everything. They want to be dominant all the time. They want their partners to obey them and do whatever they say. You cannot control anybody according to you because he/she is another individual with his/her own feelings and opinions. A relationship only works when both partners know how to walk side by side with each other.

2. Disrespect

Disrespectful behavior is a common sign of unhealthy relationships. People who humiliate their partners in front of others and even before themselves, make fun of them, call their names, and do anything to make them feel embarrassed comes in disrespect of your partner. Such a relationship is intolerant and can never last long.

3. Physical/Verbal Abuse

People who do any type of violence, whether physical or verbal, can never establish a healthy bond with their partner. Physical abuse can be of any form such as domestic violence and sexual abuse. Some people think that their partner might be cheating upon them, and this thought makes them do domestic violence. Some even do sexual violence i.e. they do force sex with their partner without her consent. This is an extremely ugly picture of unhealthy relationships.

Physical Verbal Abuse

According to a research, couple therapy proves helpful to reduce conflicts between partnes.


4. Possession and Obsession

Some people want their partners to be possessive and care about them but this condition may become severe sometimes. Being possessive for your partner is another thing that is kind of normal but if you try to control your partner’s life in disguise of possession then it is an alarming sign for your relationship. Being obsessive for your partner also complicates things and your partner will get fed up with you very soon just as other unhealthy relationships because possessiveness and obsession are only bearable until it starts destroying the mental peace of your partner.

5. Manipulation

Manipulation means your partner treats you like a puppet and plays with your feelings. If your partner often manipulates you and it is irritating you then it is time to take a stand or quit such a devastating relationship.

6. Vandalism

Another sign of unhealthy relationships is sabotage or vandalism. Often, when your life is going well your partner would seem a perfect person in the world but sometimes when things do not work out between two people, they start threatening you by sharing your private information, ruining your reputation, or talking behind your back. This will not only hurt you but will give a severe mental trauma.


7. Guilting

If your partner always makes you feel guilty even for his own deeds then it is a frightening sign for unhealthy relationships. If your partner makes you feel that it is your responsibility to make him happy or you are accountable for whatever is happening in his life then you should not continue this mess and say goodbye to such unhealthy relationships.

8. Undervaluing

People who underestimate others and belittle their partners in front of others can never understand the beauty of relationships. Such people only praise and admire themselves. They do not encourage their partner instead criticize them so much that they lose their confidence and self-respect.

9. Betrayal

Cheating up on your partner is the most heinous form of unhealthy relationships that are hollow inside. Betraying your partner is as sinful for a woman as for a man. Hence, loyalty and faithfulness are as important in a relationship as love and affection.


10. Dependence

Do not ever depend on your partner financially or emotionally because the consequences of it will be bad. If you make your partner realize that you cannot live without him. He may take advantage of it and threaten you later on.


There are always some signs that tell you whether your relationship is healthy on unhealthy. People who find healthy relationships are lucky but there are some people who are facing the ugly realities of unhealthy relationships. Unhealthy relationships are a burden to your body as well as your soul so if you find any of such mentioned signs of unhealthy relationships, do not ignore them and find a way to get rid of them as soon as possible before it’s too late.

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