How to Stay Calm?

Stress is a part of life and is normal only if you are aware to cope with it. Some people are resistant to stress and they do not come under pressure easily while some get stressed even on minor things. It is extremely important to stay calm no matter what the condition is. Here are some stress management strategies one can adopt to stay calm:

1. Admit the Fact

Admit that you are depressed, angry on anxious. Admitting your situation reduces 50% of the stress. When you face yourself i.e. your fears, anxieties, doubts, etc you get the courage to fight with them. It gets easier to find the solution when you know the problem.

How to Stay Calm
How to Stay Calm

2. Breath Deeply

Taking deep breaths especially when you are depressed releases all the stress and makes you feel fresh. Doing so sends a message to the brain which causes a positive feedback loop that reinforces the fight and flight response. When you take long deep breaths, this loop is disturbed which makes you feel calm.

One of the deep breathing techniques is three-part breathing in which you take one deep breath exhaling all the stress out while paying attention to yourself. Hence, deep breathing helps a lot in staying calm.

How to Stay Calm ad breathe deeply
How to Stay Calm ad breathe deeply

3. Practice Imagination

The visualization technique is always helpful if you want to stay calm. Some people have really good imagination power but there are some who face difficulty in visualizing the scenarios. They need to do practice in order to learn visualization. Start doing this practice and imagine yourself being calm, it will help in this regard.

How to Stay Calm with practice imagination
Imagination Practice

4. Physical Activity

Physical activity is good means of reducing stress because by doing certain exercises, endorphins are released that are neuropeptides involved in reducing stress. Walking, running, swimming, etc. are beneficial physical activities. You can do any activity of your interest, it will help you to stay calm and peaceful.

To read more on an active lifestyle, read the article Active Lifestyle

How to Stay Calm physical activity
Physical Activity

5. What-If Cycle

Some people create self-made thoughts and such conditions that never happened or going to happen in the future. They are always in the phase of ” what?- if….”. For example, what if my leg breaks while running or what if my partner leaves me? Such thoughts are rational and they cause pessimistic behavior in a person. So, it is important to train your mind to neglect such thoughts and pay to the things that really need your attention.

How to Stay Calm with what if cycle
what if cycle for How to Stay Calm

6. Create Your Own Mantra

Whenever you feel stressed, raise your morale by saying a mantra to yourself e.g. ”All is well”, ”It’s gonna be alright” etc. This is a tip for lowering your stress level and make you feel relaxed. A human being requires emotional support when he faces a challenge but if you do not have a support system, you can be your support yourself. So, by uttering these words, you can be calm and relaxed.

How to Stay Calm with your own mantra
Your own Mantra

7. Fund Your Appetite

When under stress, have the dishes you love to eat. Some people enjoy doing cooking and this reduces their stress and makes them calm. So if you are a foody person and you love to eat, you can cook for yourself or you can also go to your favorite restaurant and have your favorite food. Moreover, staying hydrated also keeps you fresh and energetic.

How to Stay Calm with appetite
Good Appetite

8. Listen to Music

Listen to your favorite music and ignore the difficulties and challenges of this world for some time. Some people like classical music while some love pop, so it depends on you what you like. It is just a way to help you stay calm.

pexels matthias groeneveld 4200745

9. Writing

If you love to write, then you will be happy to know that it is a super helpful tip to reduce tension and stress. If you have been through a hectic bad day, you can write the summary of your day in a diary. There is no need to write proper sentences or use correct punctuation but you can write whatever you want to write just to relax.

How to Stay Calm with writing
Write and stay calm

10. Divert Your Thoughts

Another stress management method is to divert your thoughts from the thing that is bothering you. You can ignore the thoughts coming to you by training your mind on what to think and what to not. This needs time but it is helpful in everyday life since it saves your energy to be spent on useless thoughts and invest it in the right direction. To divert your attention, start doing things that you love to do.

How to Stay Calm with thought diversion
Thoughts Diversion

11. Fresh Air

The temperature and environment of your room or surrounding matters also because the air circulation in it is necessary. For example, if you are sitting in a hot room with a high temperature, there are chances that it may raise your anger, anxiety and even cause panic attacks.

How to Stay Calm with fresh air
Fresh air for calmness

12. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a technique to release stress and make you stay calm. There are some pressure points in or body such as the base of the thumb, wrist, etc. By dealing with them, we can reduce the stress level of the particular person and make them feel relaxed. The acupuncture technique involves pressing these points with the help of your fingers or hands with moderate pressure. This technique is being widely used in today’s world. There are proper centers now that are offering this service. You can go there, have an appointment and enjoy the procedure to stay calm.

How to Stay Calm with acupuncture

13. Let go

Learn to let go of the things that are not meant for you. Sometimes, the loss of close people or things in your life makes your life feel worthless but that is not the case. You should have faith in yourself that what you get will be definitely better than what you lost. Do not be disappointed in things that are gone but be hopeful for the ones coming your way.

Let it go
Let it Go

14. Learn to be Patient

Patience is the key to a successful life. One who learns to remain patient in every situation is the real successful man in the world. It is natural that we cannot show patience in every matter of life. Sometimes despite all the self-control and patience, you feel hopeless and feel desperate but it is important to raise your morale again and wait for the right time.

Be patient always
Learn to be Patient

15. Nothing is Perfect

Some people are perfectionists as they want everything to be perfect and best in its way. The attitude is injurious because it starts disturbing your life. Finding perfection in every person and everything is just like giving the illusion to yourself. So, accept the imperfections of yourself, the people around you, and everything to stay calm and live a contented life.

Stay Calm by knowing nothing is perfect
Stay Calm by knowing nothing that is perfect

16. Staying Optimistic

The worst form of imagination is catastrophic thinking in which a person imagines himself to be in a helpless condition and thinks of a totally worst outcome. These are all irrational thoughts and should be ignored as much as you can. Staying positive is not only helpful for your mind but it has visible effects on your physical health as well. Moreover, when you stay calm and optimistic, people around you can feel the positive vibes coming from you.

Stay Calm by staying optimistic
Staying Optimistic

17. Sense of Gratitude

Thank God for having all the blessings. Show gratitude for what you have and work hard for what you not. The sense of gratitude will lead to a positive approach and ultimately to a peaceful life.

Sense of gratitude and the relation of calmness

According to the University of California, a person who appreciates what he possesses has improved mood, energy, and health. It also reduces the stress hormone cortisol by 23%.

Source: Forbes

18. Say No to Alcohol

Alcohol and caffeine are harmful to your health as they induce stress in you. For example, the intake of caffeine on a regular basis causes the hormone ‘adrenaline’ to release which sets up the fight-flight response in your body i.e. stress. Limiting the use of alcohol and caffeine can help you prevent stress and stay calm.

Sat no to alcohol
No Alcohol

19. Break is Necessary

It is natural that humans get tired and fed up doing work all the time. All of us are engaged in a number of responsibilities and duties which make us irritated and stressed sometimes. This is essential to have a break from all the chores and give time to yourself. You can plan a vacation to any other country, a road trip with friends, or simply staying at home in peace.

The break is necessary for your life
The break is necessary

20. Emotional Support

Human is a social animal and he needs the support of his loved ones whatever the condition may be. When you are under stress, it is extremely important to have a support group that can encourage you to go ahead and prove yourself. This support can be from your family or friends and is extremely important to stay calm and live a happy life.

stay calm with emotional support
Emotional Support

21. Have Enough Sleep

After working all day, it is important to have enough sleep free of any distortion and interruption. A peaceful sleep of about 6-8 hours is necessary in order to maintain sound mental and physical health. If not it will result in insomnia and a vicious cycle that disturbs the peace of your mind causing stress.

Good sleep for healthy life
Good Sleep for Healthy life

22. Relaxing the Mind

If you want to stay calm, you should take care of your mental health to avoid stress-related consequences. When you are mentally upset, your brain releases stress hormones endorsing the fight and flight response which includes constriction of the vessels, suppressing the digestive activity, dilation of the pupil, etc. You can perform certain activities to stay calm such as:

  • Deep Breaths
  • Warm Bath
  • Listen to your Favorite Music
  • Meditation
  • Writing
  • Yoga
Mind relaxing
Mind Relaxing

23. Relaxing the Body

Relaxing the body by following different means also proves beneficial in managing stress and staying calm:

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Falling Asleep
  • Massage
  • Herbal Tea
  • Warm Milk
Relaxing your body


Having stress is a part of life but the important thing is to manage it. A number of different tips are mentioned above to manage stress and stay calm in your daily life. Also if you are facing anxiety issues you can use stress relief toys called Fidget Toys for Anxiety.

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