14 Tips CrossFit Beginners Should Know

CrossFit training is a type of high-intensity workout designed especially for achieving fitness goals for fitness freaks. Some of the people are unaware of the basic tips for CrossFit beginners training. Here are some tips and tricks to excel it:

1. Progress Slowly

Beginners should be patient and they should know that their body i.e. their muscles adapt slowly to the workout process. For example, being a beginner, it is not compulsory for you to run 5 times a week rather you can do it 2 times in the beginning. As you start working out, your body automatically gets used to it and starts showing the desired results. You can increase the number of days, frequency, time duration, intensity, etc gradually over time. So, patience is the key to success and the same in the case of training for CrossFit beginners.

2. Optimal Diet

A healthy balanced diet is necessary for every person but it is required the most by CrossFit Trainers. As you start increasing the frequency and intensity of the training, your body demands a healthy enough diet for energy consumption and compensation of the energy loss during high-intensity workouts. Moreover, a balanced diet is necessary if you want better performance. For example, your pre-workout meal should contain 55% of carbohydrates and 35% of proteins. Your protein intake must be 20 grams in every meal. Protein shakes, dairy products, grains, and certain supplements are good for CrossFit trainers.

According to a survey among U.S. adults in August 2019, 53% of the people working out regularly do not take supplements while 71% are those who take dietary supplements to compensate for nutritional deficiencies in which proteins and vitamins are supplements are on the top of the list.

statistic id308337 dietary supplement usage in us adults by healthy habits 2019

Source: Statista

Apples have polyphenols in them and according to research, polyphenols not only enhance muscular strength and endurance but also help in the fat-burning process.

Source: https://www.fitandme.com/crossfit-beginner-tips/

3. Pay Attention to Your Body

CrossFit is an intense kind of workout hence sometimes it gives a tough time to the beginners. So, it is extremely important to listen to your body. Training for CrossFit beginners is more difficult because they are not used to it. So, it requires a good recovery time to relax the muscles. Hence, if your body is giving any signals of tiredness or any hint that should not be ignored. Do fewer repetitions if you are not feeling well. Build up slowly and have patience.

4. Set Goals

Nothing can be achieved if you have not set your goals because it is the first step you take to reach your destination. Think about the exercise, you want to master or what type of fitness goals you want to have. Create your workout schedule and try your best to follow it if you want to achieve your goal.

To have detailed knowledge on how to set goals, read the article Motivation

5. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is important for the normal mechanism of the body but it is of vital importance if we talk about CrossFit beginners. During workouts, there is excessive sweating that makes you lose water and salt. So, it is essential to drink enough water to stay fresh. 12-14 glasses of water are required on a hot summer day.

CrossFit Beginners tips 2021
CrossFit Beginners tips 2021

6. Keep Record

Keep track of your workout on daily basis by tracking the intensity, weight, time duration, and repetitions of the exercises you perform. Note down your 1RM ( 1 repetition maximum ) to avoid any mistake. Keeping a record of all of it will help you to improve you throughout your training period of time.

7. CrossFit Tournaments

CrossFit beginners can avail themselves of the opportunity of enhancing their skills by participating in several tournaments and games that are held every year for the trainers. These competitions not only polish your skills but also make you analyze that how well you are performing. A number of people take part in these competitions, you can learn a lot of things from them in order to excel in your training. Moreover, it also funs for you and provides you with a practical platform to show your expertise.

Here are some of the CrossFit competitions held for this purpose:

  • Dubai CrossFit Championship – Dubai, U.A.E.
  • Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival – Miami, Florida, U.S.
  • Asia CrossFit Championship – Chinese Mainland
  • Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge – Baltimore, Maryland / D.C. Area, U.S.
  • The Granite Games, a CrossFit Sanctioned Events – Saint Cloud, Minnesota, U.S.
  • CrossFit West Coast Classic – San Diego, California
  • The CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown – Apeldoorn, Netherlands

8. Quality Matters

Although, CrossFit training is a high-intensity workout still it is important to note that the quality of your training matters rather than for how much time or repetitions you are doing. If you feel tired or there is something wrong with your body, you can do less without any regrets. The CrossFit beginners should know that the workout breaks down muscle fibers by stress which makes the muscles weaken over time so the recovery period and nutrition are of prime importance because they are going to build bigger and stronger than ever.

9. Do Not Compare

Do not compare yourself with someone else because your competition is with yourself and not with others. Comparing yourself to another person is just humiliating yourself. It makes you disappointed and hopeless and the same is the case for gym training. You would see some people there who are working out for years and hence they are able of exhibiting amazing workout techniques in the gym as well as a fit perfect body. So, it is advised not to get disappointed instead get inspiration and guidelines from them. The CrossFit beginners should focus on themselves and remember that:

Do not compare your beginning with someone else’s middle.


10. Invest Wisely

The newbies in the field i.e. the CrossFit beginners are often confused regarding choosing a good gym and gym trainer for themselves ending up on an ineffectual gym. Hence it is important to choose your gym wisely so that your time and money do not go wasted.

11. No Water Before Practice

There is another tip for CrossFit beginners that they should not drink water before starting the workout because it can disturb their training in the form of frequent urination. So, it will become an odd situation if you keep going to excrete the urine again and again during the workout.

12. Pain

There are two types of pain in the case of CrossFit Training. The CrossFit beginners should be aware of both of the types:

I. Muscular Endurance Pain

It is due to the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles as a result of high-intensity workouts. It is a good type of pain because it is a symbol of your progress that will ultimately change into your success soon. As you have heard:

No pain, no gain.

Jane Fonda

II. Physical Injury Pain

This type of pain is alarming as it is due to any physical injury that can be of any muscle, soft tissue, etc. This should be checked and if found, should not be neglected in any case. The Crossfit beginners are sometimes unable to distinguish between the two of them, hence a physical examination is necessary if there are possible symptoms of the pain.

CrossFit Beginner Tips
CrossFit Beginner Tips

13. Enjoy Your Training

You can master even a minor job if you are interested in it. CrossFit training especially for beginners is a little bit difficult and can give you a really tough time but it can be made easier if you intend to do it with fun. Crossfit beginners are advised to stay motivated and consistent, stop working out when not interested, and just focus on their goals. Nothing can be achieved if you treat it as a burden.

14. Etiquettes of GYM

There is always a decorum of any place and so as for the gym. The CrossFit beginners must know all the following etiquettes of the gym:

1. Punctuality

Create a schedule of yours and try to follow it strictly. Be on time and join the session with everyone. Punctuality is the base on which every matter of the universe is taking place hence it is important for you also to take it into account.

2. Cleanliness

You should be tidy and clean. You should take bath before going to the gym. You should wear the right clothes such as:

  • Comfortable Clothes
  • You can wear short if it is a hot day
  • Training shoes are better
  • Avoid very tight clothes

3. Safe Use of Equipment

You should use the gym equipment with a lot of caution as it is the property of the gym so you must respect it.

4. Respect Other Members

There are a lot of members in the gym that have joined before you and are your seniors somehow. So, another important tip the CrossFit beginners should know is to keep in mind their space. You should respect them while talking and even when consulting. Keep a friendly behavior and enjoy your training.

5. Coach Is Important

CrossFit beginners do not know the importance of the coach but eventually, they do when they get to interact with them daily. Coaches have prime importance because they serve as a ladder on which you can climb step by step to reach your destination. They teach you important tips and tricks, they keep a check on the weight you are bearing and the speed of the exercise, they teach you the proper technique of every workout, they design an individual and specific plan for that particular individual just according to his goal and physical status. You can be trained safely under the supervision of an instructor who can prevent you from injuries.

Tips for CrossFit Beginners
Tips for crosfit biggners

Another tip for CrossFit beginners is to never hesitate to ask any question arising in your mind from your instructor because if you would do so, there is a chance that it may harm you in some way.

6. Positive Attitude

Another pro tip for CrossFit beginners is to have an optimistic attitude. It will not only benefit themselves but will also create a friendly and refreshing environment for your gym fellows. This positive behavior will help you attain your goal faster.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Charles R. Swindoll


CrossFit training is not an easy practice and requires a lot of patience and dedication to excel in it. Hence, the CrossFit beginners are advised to pay heed to all the tips discussed above in the post to avoid any mishap.

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