Say Goodbye to Chubby Cheeks With These 13 Effective Methods

Chubby Cheeks are the puffed cheeks that often appear swelled. Some people find them cute while others are just anxious to find ways to get rid of them. Chubby cheeks can be due to several reasons and genes are one of them. You can inherit these chubby cheeks from your family member.

If you are really serious to get rid of chubby cheeks and even double chin issues, you have to lose fat and this can be done by several methods of which managing diet, exercise, and lifestyle modifications are the vital ones.

Here are 13 most effective methods to get yourself a slim face:

1. Losing Overall Body Fat

Losing fat from a particular region is tough and nearly impossible but you can achieve it by losing your overall body fat. If we talk about how to do so, it can be done by losing weight through having a healthy diet, exercise, and some other strategies. If you lose your body fat as a whole, your face fat will also be reduced and the face will look younger and slimmer.


2. Performing Facial Exercises

Facial exercises are a good way to achieve your goal of having hollow cheeks. The benefits of facial exercises other than losing face fat include

  • Enhance muscular strength
  • Reduce wrinkles that make your cheeks look saggy
  • Reduce tension and fatigue in the muscles of the face and neck
  • Increase circulation of blood
  • Give a firm tone to the skin and muscles of the face
  • Improves facial appearance
  • Delays aging

Besides all these benefits, doing facial exercises regularly has prime importance in getting rid of chubby cheeks. The strengthening of fascial muscles and tone gives the cheeks a perky appearance if they look saggy. It automatically makes your face look less chubby and perkier.

Here are some easy exercises you can do for your face any time:

  1. pushing the air inside your mouth from one cheek to another at least 15 times
  2. Chin-ups (15 times)
  3. Puffing and blowing your cheeks for 4-5 minutes
  4. cheekbone sculptor for 30 seconds
  5. clench your teeth and hold the smile for a 10 seconds
  6. make duck face (15 times)
  7. make fish face and hold for 10 seconds
  8. half cringe (10 times)
  9. jaw-dropper (10-15 times)
Performing Facial Exercises
Performing Facial Exercises

3. Make Alcohol Consumption Less Often

If you have been consuming alcohol in a higher amount and more frequently then you must stop and know about the fact that more than normal alcohol consumption is a culprit behind weight gain, chubby face, bloating, and several other problems.

Although, it is a pleasure for most people to have alcohol. On the other hand, alcohol is an unhealthy beverage with more calories and fewer nutrients. Hence, it is a must to keep balance and check on your alcohol consumption.

Make Alcohol Consumption Less Often
Make Alcohol Consumption Less Often

According to The World Health Organization (WHO), 3 million deaths per year are due to alcohol consumption in the world.

Source: Statista

4. Do Cardio Workout

Workout involving elevated heart rate, cardiac output and ultimately sweating proves to be an effective method for losing weight fast. Cardio exercises help to degrade your stored fat and burn calories. It will reduce the overall body fat and you will be succeeded in losing fat face too. So, if you want to lose weight and say goodbye to the chubby cheeks then you have to continue these cardio or aerobic exercises for about 20-40 minutes on daily basis (medium to high intensity).

According to a survey in United Kingdom 2017, regular cardio exercises reduces the risks of fractures of the hip by 68% and of type 2 diabetes by 40%

Source: Statista

Examples of some cardio exercises include running, walking, jumping jacks, dancing, swimming, squats, etc.

Do Cardio Workout
Do Cardio Workout

5. Avoid Eating Refined/Processed Foods

In case you do not know what are refined or processed foods then you should have the necessary information about them. Refined food items are the ones that are processed so much that they lose their original healthy nutrients and leaving behind fats and calories.

Refined carbs like white bread are common in use now and detrimental to the health of a person because they contain more sugar hence more calories. These foods store the fat in much amount that is hard to break down leading to obesity later on.

If you want to get rid of your chubby cheeks, you should replace these refined foods such as white bread, biscuits, cakes, cereals, etc. with healthy nutrients and fiber-rich food items like whole grains, brown bread, brown rice, oatmeal, etc.

Avoid  Eating Refined Processed Foods
Avoid Eating Refined/Processed Foods

6. Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking a lot of water daily does not only keep your skin hydrated but also has several other benefits such as cushions your joints, aid in digestion, regulates heartbeat, and loses weight.

Drinking more water helps you losing weight because it increases the metabolism of the body i.e. it makes the digestion process fast and hence energy expenditure. Having more water also makes you feel fuller, you feel less hungry, and refrain from overeating. Also, if you drink almost a glass of water just before having a meal, it reduces the calories consumption during that meal

More water intake retains less water in the body as well that does not cause bloating and inflammation making your face look slimmer. Hence, it is a good method for reducing face fat and ultimately chubby cheeks.

Drink Plenty of Water
Drink Plenty of Water

7. Decrease Your Sodium Intake

Excessive intake of sodium causes a chubby face or chubby cheeks appearance because it promotes bloating and facial puffiness. More than the required amount of sodium in the body causes more retention of water that causes weight gain, inflammation, etc. as discussed earlier. It is more unhealthy for people sensitive to Table salt. So if you want to avoid chubby cheeks, you have to avoid processed foods too that contain a large amount of sodium (as salt) and other spices.

Decrease Your Sodium Intake
Decrease Your Sodium Intake

8. Eat Fibre Rich Food

Processed foods lack the fiber content needed for the body. Fibers are slow to move down the gut and to digest, hence you feel fuller after having a fiber-rich diet. This also reduces your appetite and unnecessary cravings help to reduce your weight.

The results of 62 studies showed that soluble fibres help reducing calories and weight.


Foods rich of fibre are:

  • whole-grain cereals, pasta, bread barley
  • nuts and seeds
  • fruits like berries, oranges, pears, melons
  • peas, beans, pulses
  • vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, broccoli

Ideally, 25-40 grams of fibre should be taken in diet daily

Eat Fibre Rich Food
Fibre Rich Foods

9. Scheduling Your Sleep

If you are lacking a good sleep time, it can be a cause of your chubby cheeks. Less than required sleeping time period for the body triggers the release of cortisol which is a stress hormone that has many side effects such as weight gain. Cortisol enhances the hunger level that automatically moves you towards overeating and weight gain. If you want to get rid of chubby cheeks, you should manage your sleep schedule.

Scheduling Your Sleep
Scheduling Your Sleep

Not only the time period of sleep important but the quality of it is also of chief importance. The more peaceful sleep you have, the more sound your health will be. For this purpose, do all the efforts that will help you sleep better such as new, clean bedsheets, switching the TV off before 30 minutes to bed, and avoid consuming caffeine before sleeping.

10. Finding Underlying Medical Condition

Your chubby cheeks or face fat may be due to any underlying condition playing a role in gaining unnecessary weight and fat. Conditions such as PCOS can be a factor responsible for unexplained weight gain that makes your face chubby. It is a complex hormonal disorder that raises insulin resistance in the body and consequently excessive weight gain. To know more about PCOS, read the article on the same blog.

Finding Underlying Medical Condition
Finding Underlying Medical Condition

11. Side Effects Due to Medications

It might be possible that a person using some medicines for any reason has chubby cheeks because the medicines can cause side effects such as inflammation. Medicine like Oxycodone is an example of inflammation in the face and less often in other body parts. Avoid such medicines and your chubby cheeks will be gone.

Side Effects Due to Medications
Side Effects Due to Medications

12. Smile More Often

A smile is the most expensive piece of jewelry a person can wear. Keeping a smile on your face more often not only makes you look happy and contended but also releases some good hormones that boost your energy levels and health. Smile is a type of exercise that reduces the excessive fat found in the face and thus helps in reducing chubby cheeks.

Smile More Often
Smile More Often

13. Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery that is done to remove or modify something artificially in your body. It can be done to reduce your face fat, chubby cheeks and lift your cheeks in case if they are of saggy appearance but a person should opt for it only if he finds nothing else working for himself because it has its own obvious side effects.

Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery


Chubby cheeks are desirable for some people but less likable for others too. They can be due to several reasons so if you want to get rid of them, you should find out the exact cause of it. Moreover, there are 13 most effective methods to say goodbye to chubby cheeks such as lifestyle and diet modification, proper exercise, plastic surgery, etc.

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